The un-willing Employer

How I became an unwilling employer of 10 people and growing every day. 

Would I have known that after hearing the famous speech of Marcus Messier Garvey a speech that it could change the way I and possibly you think about the world that we must make a positive contribution to willing or unwilling.
Imagine a future that is outside the parameters set for you to live within made possible for you. This ability to think just for a second outside of the box is a gift and to acquire this future lifestyle will cost you money. Rob Reid Consultants have made it possible for others. Are we not ordinary people? Yes,we are. We are everyday people no different from your friends and neighbours whose lives were suffocating, un-rewarding and always in poverty. Frustrated un-learned angry people embittered at the whole world. We are by definition an intelligent race of people that will and can bring about self change for the better should the need arise.


Rob Reid Consultants for a better way of life, a systematic way for you to obtain wealth. Now when asked. Is your life truly wonderful? You will never have to lie or pretend again. A change has come for my clients. How about you are you ready to live? I must have listened to the Garvey speech a hundred times and still get as excited as an eight year old expecting a bicycle for their birthday. When those whom assume intellectual superiority laugh at you for achieving something in your life laugh back. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.